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by Rob Brown
20 Jan 2016, 18:40
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Topic: Forgotten Kids Skis
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Forgotten Kids Skis

After we left Jackrabbits last Saturday I forgot to grab my 4-year old sons skis. Salomon, white background with some colours on them. Sorry.....can't remember anything more than that! Anyone come across them laying around late on Saturday? He's looking forward to another session Saturday. Thanks.
by Rob Brown
26 Jan 2011, 20:52
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Topic: Kawartha Enduro
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Kawartha Enduro

What is the route of the 7km loop used during the race?
by Rob Brown
11 Jan 2011, 19:22
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Topic: 2011 Double Double
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Re: 2011 Double Double

Details, please! Skate km's vs. classic km's, how 'friendly' is it, how many people, success rate, etc.

On second thought....if Zac can't finish one of these things maybe I should just forget about it now....

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