Ride from ptbo downtown

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Patrick Scott
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Ride from ptbo downtown

Postby Patrick Scott » 17 Jan 2008, 12:13

Hi all,

I have fancy new set of skate skis and, unfortunately, no way of getting up to the trails. I do have a very flexible schedule and would ideally like to go once or twice a week, any time Thursday - Monday (though i would need to be back in the city by 5:30 on Mondays). I am also more than happy to pay for gas. If you are headed north and can help me out send me a message trough the system or call me at 874 8254.

Happy Trails,

gord caldwell
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Re: Ride from ptbo downtown

Postby gord caldwell » 14 Feb 2009, 15:54

hi Patrick; I am in peterborough every day Monday to Friday. I travel north to my home in Lakefield then on to the KNSC after I pick up my gear. I leave Peterborough around 9 am and usually back in Ptbo around 230 pm. If this helps you I would be glad to assist you. I skate ski most days and every once in a while do classic. call me at 6523501 gord

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