New Groomer WOW!

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New Groomer WOW!

Postby Johnnie » 21 Jan 2008, 09:36

I happened to bump into a new groomer machine last Friday as I was leaving the trails. The club has moved up another rank if it gets this one. It can do all of the following: drag snow from off the sides of the trail, pack that snow, chop up any ice on the trail, level the trail, leave a combed surface, set tracks (on the left and/or right side) AND do all these with one pass over a trail. It looks to be almost 4 meters wide. I suspect it will save hundreds of volunteer hours and a lot of fuel when compared to previous methods of grooming. Congratulations to those who had the insight to acquire this new toy. Now bring on the snow.
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Re: New Groomer WOW!

Postby Timo » 23 Jan 2008, 20:47

Hi all,

The new groomer was in action this morning thanks to Dave who was up before dawn to get it warmed up and out on the trails. The trails are now fantastic with the new snow we had on Tuesday.

Thanks to all who had a hand in getting the new groomer and for Dave who is up early packing and setting the snow up for all of us to ski!

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Re: New Groomer WOW!

Postby anne » 25 Jan 2008, 11:08

The grooming has been spectacular! It provides a whole new level of skiing and I love it.

However, I wonder if there is something that can be done about the skidoo tracks right up the middle of the skate trail? It is hard to keep your balance when there is a line right through the middle of the trail.

I truely appreciate all the improvements that have been made to the club. Thanks for all your hard work!


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