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ski kid
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Fresh Air

Postby ski kid » 29 Jan 2008, 19:10

I did a science fair project on how much Co2 goes into the environment from cars idling. The results were breath taking. Now I see buses at KNSC that bring loads of skiers to the ski trails. All the skiers get off the bus to go ski. But the bus idles the whole time the skiers are skiing (witch can take hours). :x I was in the race on Jan. 27 in Haliburton and saw buses idle the whole race which was about 5 hours :shock: . I suggest that our club (KNSC) should have a no idling policy. The skiers or bus drivers can always warm up in our lodge!
What do you think? Can we put up a sign? Because I want to ski in fresh air :D.
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Re: Fresh Air

Postby _ryan » 02 Feb 2008, 07:43

thanks for your suggestion .We too were really concerned about idling in the parking lot and absolutely support signage . If a bus needs to idle he can park on the highway.

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