Survey... where are the other good clubs?

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Survey... where are the other good clubs?

Postby marcus » 25 Mar 2008, 18:40

March 25th. 50 cm still on the ground, snowing like crazy. I guess the season isn't quite over yet.

In any case, I'm looking ahead to next season, and thinking about adding a couple of other good clubs to my collection of places I've skied. I think you know what I mean-- clubs like KNSC that:

-are not-for-profit, 'grassroots' clubs;
-sprang from and have maintained classic roots, yet
-have about 10 or more km of purpose-groomed skate trails;
-stage a fun, member-oriented race once or twice a year;
-have Jackrabbit and/or Track Attack programs;
-might have a ski patrol chapter.

Another club I can think of that fits this description is North Bay Nordic (minus the Ski Patrol, and accommodating the fact that they have a one-way system). If you have had personal experience with a club that fits part or all of the criteria, please let me know via this forum!

And one more thing... if you have friends from KNSC who are not yet using this forum, get them on board! It's a good thing.

Cold one
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Re: Survey... where are the other good clubs?

Postby Cold one » 25 Feb 2009, 12:33

Hello. I came across this website while looking through the "ULYSSES..cross country skiing and snowshoeing in Ontario" book. I have an uncle that lives outside of Apsley on Eels lake and never knew a club was there. I can't wait to visit!

You say Your'e looking for a small club to ski at? Well I am from a small's so small people that live in town don't even know its here. People that ski religiously at Hardwood hills or Highlands nordic have never heard of us (each of these places is within an hours drive).

MONO NORDIC in Orangeville(hwy 400 to hwy 9,head west. hwy 9 to hwy 10,turn right. Go about 2k and @ the Volkswagon dealer turn left and head into the park.

It's a mom and Pop kind of club,we groom it for skating and track set it for classic.

Our website is


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