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Bennett Cabin Ski March 7th 2010

Posted: 07 Jan 2010, 20:27
by marcus
A trek to Bennett Cabin is a must-do for all members at some point in the winter. When the conditions are good, it takes the classic skiing experience to a different level.

A group ski to Bennett Cabin is planned for Sunday, March 7th, conditions permitting.

Simply put, this is a challenging route: Bennett is 5 km north of Tanney Cabin on wilderness trail. Not for the faint of heart!

Scroll through the posts to Feb. 28th for more details. Feel free to use this forum topic if you have any questions about the Bennett ski!

Marcus Elia

Re: Bennett Cabin Ski 2010

Posted: 18 Jan 2010, 20:15
by marcus
Trail update... On Saturday (Jan.16th), with no work trucks around, I ditched my skis at Kenner&Owl and walked up the logging road to the Bennett trailhead to check out snow conditions. In a word: plenty!

I had brought snowshoes for the purpose, and good thing I did-- Once on the trail I was still sinking in a good six inches, my snowshoe tails flicking snow all over my back with every step. Skiing should be wonderful once the trail is packed.

On Sunday the 24th I plan to do more snowshoeing and trail maintenance. If you're interested in helping, please give me a call and I'll discuss specific plans with you.


Re: January Bennett Ski POSTPONED

Posted: 26 Jan 2010, 19:18
by marcus
On Sunday (Jan 24th) I walked up to Bennett on snowshoes with a saw, clearing small trees off the trail. Some observations:
-Despite sections of good snow cover there were also nasty bare spots on the rock ridges. That was before the rain passed through.
-Some of the low-lying areas, which often settled under my weight as I walked in, were puddles when I walked back out. After the rain and mild weather I expect them to be even wetter.
The group ski to Bennett is therefore POSTPONED until Saturday, February 6th. The forecast is for cold temperatures and more snow next week. Do that snow dance!
p.s: someone had cleared a couple of larger trees from the first 500 m of trail before I got there. Thank-you to the mystery chainsawer!

Bennett Cabin Ski POSTPONED indefinitely

Posted: 03 Feb 2010, 20:16
by marcus
I took a walk in to Bennett today from Jack Lake Rd to investigate trail conditions. Having walked over many patches of bare rock and grass (!!) along the 250m of trail south of the cabin, I have the unfortunate task of postponing the group ski to Bennett INDEFINITELY.
The trail needs a good 10-15 cm of snow to mitigate unnecessary wear and tear on skis and skiers. In current conditions both of those outcomes are, in my opinion, more likely.
Many thanks to Peter Tiesma and Conrad Hill who had gone in before me to clear the trail from Jack Lake Rd. to the cabin.
Any intrepid souls still planning a ski to Bennett must remember several points:
-Let friends and/or Ski Patrollers know about your plans;
-bring a cellphone and ski with a buddy;
-bring lots of water and snacks;
-use this trail AT YOUR OWN RISK (as is the explicit policy of KNSC on all trails).


Re: Bennett Cabin Ski March 7th 2010

Posted: 28 Feb 2010, 21:30
by marcus
The snow is back... but not for long! As the edited message at the top of this thread states, the Bennett Cabin ski is on for Sunday, March 7th 2010.

Please note the following rough itinerary:

9:30 Meet at Tanney Cabin (NOT WOODfine Chalet) for snack and wax
9:45 Depart Tanney for Bennett

12:00 Re-group at Bennett Cabin
1:00 Last skiers depart Bennett

Many readers know full well the difference between this route and the other, groomed trails. The steep hills and rugged conditions demand experience, fitness, and material (food, water, wax) preparation.

Please see earlier posts for reminders about preparations and risks. If you have any questions about the ski, post here. Among the readers of this forum there are people with many years of experience on these trails (far more than this writer)!

Re: Bennett Cabin Ski March 7th 2010

Posted: 08 Mar 2010, 20:51
by marcus
Two intrepid souls trekked to the Bennett Cabin on March 7th and enjoyed a fantastic day out. From Tanney, transit to Bennett was about 1.75 hrs, 1.25 hrs back. The snow was soft and fast, with very few bare patches.
When we got back to Tanney at about 2:30 we decided to make it a 3-cabin day and finished the outing via Laderach. We're already plotting next year's Bennett ski!
(edited to remove dead links to photos)

Re: Bennett cabin and the Wilderness Trail

Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 20:16
by Fraser Lisa
We attempted the wilderness trail today. Under blue skies it was a beauty day to do so. About, what we figure to be 2 km, into the trail we got stuck. Not stuck like - okay, let's figure a way around the log, but stuck like - a where do we go from here? Are we even going in the right direction? Are we supposed to be following the yellow rectangles cause now I am seeing orange ribbon.

Needless to say after encountering what looked impassable with no way forward to either side we decided to head back. However, it was a great adventure and we would like to try again.

Has any one recently tried the wilderness trail? If so, what was your experience like? Were we going the right way?

F & L

Re: Bennett Cabin Ski March 7th 2010

Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 10:22
by skamnitzer
We had the same experience yesterday (Sunday Feb 5, 2017).
The wilderness trail was in good shape until that point except for one big downed tree we had to creep under.
It would be nice to have the rest of the trail reopened.. Anybody know if there are and plans by the KNSC to do so ?

Re: Bennett Cabin Ski March 7th 2010

Posted: 10 Feb 2017, 05:10
by Doug
Now it's February 2017 !
For some updated information on the Bennett Trail and cabin please see my post in the volunteering section of the Forum.