skijoring- looking for trails allowing dogs...

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skijoring- looking for trails allowing dogs...

Postby mbuckley » 17 Aug 2010, 03:11

Hi there,

I am planning on trying skijoring this winter with my lab BUT I seem to be having a hard time finding trails to go on with her. I live in Buckhorn. Can anyone suggest some good ones in the area?


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Re: skijoring- looking for trails allowing dogs...

Postby Sasha » 25 Dec 2010, 21:45

Hi Michele

Just saw your post...Not sure if anyone responded or if you have found some trails to skijor on yet. Anyway, I thought I'd drop a quick line as I skijor with my 2 pointers in the area. Am always scouting for new trails when I am out and about but tend to get on the rail trail systems in the area (keep an eye out/ear open for snowmobilers...early mornings and weekdays seem to be less traffic). I also go into Emily Provincial Park. There are no maintained ski trails but the existing trail/road system in the park tends to get flattened out by snowmobilers so it makes a semi-decent surface to skijor on. There is not much distance either but I always end up doing a few loops of the park which seems to keep the dogs happy. Ken Reid in Lindsay has some nice areas and easy access to the rail trail as well.

Not sure if you've heard of or been to any of the events in the area....There are several skijor/ dogsled races...Cannington, Apsely, Haliburton... You can find them posted on

Anyway, hope that helps. If you need any info or feel like sharing any spots you might have found since your post drop me a line.

Happy Skijoring

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