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2012 Double Double

Posted: 11 Jan 2012, 07:18
by Paul Wilkinson

We are planning this year's Double Double for Sunday February 19. The route is tbd based on trail availability, etc. Typically we do about 60 km starting with classic technique and finishing with skate - two big laps of each.
Start time is 8 am
Bring your own food and drink, etc., there is no support
Open to all, club members for free, others with a day pass
Start time is 8 am
No prizes, not really a race, just for fun
Start time is 8 am.

Hope you can come. It's always a great day out and a nice accomplishment.

Re: 2012 Double Double

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 17:04
by Paul Wilkinson

The route for this Sunday's 5th annual Double Double is as follows. We'll start from the WOODfine Cabin.

Kawartha (south)
two times

Kawartha (north)
PL Road
two times

The total is around 60 km. Please remember there is no support and no sweep.

See you Sunday at 8 am.

Re: 2012 Double Double

Posted: 20 Feb 2012, 09:01
by Paul Wilkinson
The fifth annual Double Double skiathlon was completed yesterday by the following hardy skiers.

Glenn Cameron
Kent Crockower
Jamie Elcombe
Tim Hadfield
Todd Harris
Casey Humphrey
Dave Rutledge
Richard Spirk
Paul Wilkinson
Dave Woodfine

Congratulations and thanks for skiing.

Also, thanks to the Daves for grooming, and thanks to Jamie for the buttons.

See you next year.