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KNSC is a club of volunteers

Posted: 29 Dec 2008, 16:48
by Johnnie
Unlike many ski clubs who pay people to do almost everything, our Club relies on its members to volunteer to do almost every task. The volunteer Board steers the Club and makes the tough financial decisions. Members contribute as ski patrolers, trail packers and track setters, instructional leaders, cabin builders, trail clearers and fire wood "choppers" (in the fall long before it snows), web page managers, cabin keepers, etc..... I'm certain I've forgoten some tasks. Next time you think of complaining about something, remember that it's probablly going to be a volunteer to respond. Next time you hear someone ask for help, consider offering some of your own time and tallent.

As you know, the Club has received two significant Trillium Grants. These took hundreds of volunteer hours to secure, manage, and report. One of the Ontario Trillium Foundation's objectives is to encourage and support community volunteerism. I am certain that the Directors of the OTF would be pleased to see the success of that objective with the Kawartha Nordic Ski Club.

Here's my tip of the hat to all the KNSC voluneers. Thanks.