Bennett Cabin & trail

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Bennett Cabin & trail

Postby Doug » 20 Feb 2017, 02:11

I skied into the Bennett cabin on Saturday February 18th, 2017. This time I was alone, but I noticed a couple of other parties have signed the book since I was last in on February 5th.

The day was glorious, and the snow soft in the 9 deg C temperature. The fire I lit helped dry my sweaty clothes while I munched my lunch.

Dan Durst and I have been cabin keepers here for the last 3 years, and everything works. But the trail needs Improvement by someone on a snowmobile with a chainsaw to clear the fallen trees. And in places more Blaze markers are needed, since it's easy to get off track and get a little lost.

As someone said while chatting in the Tanney cabin, skiing into the Bennett cabin is the Holy Grail experience for capable classic skiers at Kawartha Nordic. Doug MacIntosh

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