No Turning Back

27 Oct 2014

Bruce Wurtele

Devil's Elbow Racing Club is hosting the Warren Miller film 'No Turning Back'
What:  2014 Warren Miller Ski and Snowboard Film "No Turning Back"
Where:  Showplace Theatre - Peterborough
When:  Friday, November 28th, 2014 (7:00 PM)
Why:  Portion of Proceeds to Devil's Elbow Racing Club for purchase of additional safety equipment
Tickets:  $15 - Available at Devil's Elbow Ski and Snowboard Shop (Parnell's), Devil's Elbow Open House November 1st & 2nd, Wild Rock Outfitters Peterborough, Online

No Turning Back Poster

Annual General Meeting

01 Oct 2014

Bruce Wurtele

17 Nov 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the members of the KAWARTHA NORDIC SKI CLUB, INCORPORATED will be held on Monday November 17, 2014 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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Oct 2014 Newsletter

01 Oct 2014

Bruce Wurtele

Trillium Grant awarded to KN

31 Jul 2014

Bruce Wurtele

The Board of Directors is excited to announce that Kawartha Nordic has been awarded a Trillium Grant of $221,800 over three years to increase access to recreational activities, particularly for children and youth, by upgrading facilities at the ski lodge and increasing support for volunteer coaches.

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Weekend Events

26 Feb 2014

Jon Grimwood

01 Mar 2015

We have an exciting weekend planned for March 1 and 2 !

The KNSC Festival will be held on Saturday, March 1st and will feature a BBQ, olympic games for the youth programs, and biathlon course with laser guns from Biathlon Canada.

Test yourself on Sunday at the Double Double (8am) or the Double (9am).

Please see the events calendar for more information.

Lost and Found

05 Feb 2014

Bruce Wurtele

Kawartha Nordic is a busy place and sometimes things do go missing. If you've lost or found something please check the lost and found box in the Woodfine Chalet (inside the main doors beside the ski patrol room). You can also post a note to the KNSC Forums. Labelling your gear (skis, poles, boots, ski bag) is also a great way to keep track of them (especially on weekends the ski racks have a lot of similar looking gear and bags). Enjoy the snow!!!

Jackrabbits and Track Attack are both cancelled for Sat. Jan 11th due to the amount of rain forecasted.

Track Attack will run on Sun. Jan. 12 from 12noon-2pm for those Track Attack skiers who can make it. Due to the number of volunteers required to run the Jackrabbit program, we cannot offer an alternative for Jackrabbits this weekend.

Trail Changes

15 Dec 2013

Dave Rutledge

The new trail map has been posted to the website.The most significant change this year is the re-naming of several trails. These changes were made to make it easier for new members and visitors. Three new names have been added: RABBIT (segment of Kawartha and Trillium), FISHER (eastern segments of Beaver) & BENNETT (wilderness trail to Bennett Cabin). The Trillium and Kawartha trails now both extend to Tanney Cabin.

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