Please help shovel!

21 Feb 2016

Todd Harris

22 Feb 2016

Please help improve our trail base in time for the Ontario Midget Championships this coming weekend, and before the predicted snowfall this week.

We desperately need assistance from everyone who can make it, to shovel fresh snow on to our race course.

This Monday 22-Feb volunteer crews will be working from 10am - 4pm. Drop by when you can with your own shovel or scoop, and lend a hand.

Shovelling is no longer possible due to the drop in temperature, so Tuesday 23-Feb is now just a general volunteering day. If you feel inclined toward helping with cutting and sewing tarps, framing and hanging doors, or doing some metal pole joinery, feel free to join the fun on Tuesday as we tranform 2 Pisten Bulley tents into waxing space and get the large mess tent up and running.