Community Coaching Workshop

03 Nov 2017

Bruce Wurtele

16 Dec 2017 … 17 Dec 2017

When: 9am to 5pm, December 16 & 17, 2017

Where: Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School

This workshop is the second step in the NCCP progression. It provides essential training for coaches delivering an effective skill development program to children six to nine years of age (the FUNdamentals stage of skier development). It is designed to train coaches to teach children intermediate technical skills in an enjoyable way so that it is FUN to learn, to select games that reinforce the technical skills being taught, to design and lead on-snow sessions, and to select and prepare equipment for young children. Successful completion of the NCCP Introduction to Community Coaching Workshop is a prerequisite.

All coaches with Kawartha Nordic’s Track Attack and L2T program are asked to register for this 2-day course by December 1, 2017. Participants should have completed the NCCP Introduction to Community Coaching course as a prerequisite. To regiser, please refer to the email from Ryan, Youth Program Coordinator (

One full day of the course will be dedicated to work with coaches on-snow for technical skills development and practice.

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